5 Reasons to Fun Run

Seriously, when there are now so many opportunities every weekend to go run somewhere, there really needs to be a list of Top 5 Reasons Why You Aren’t Doing Fun Runs – but it would perhaps be better called Your Top 5 Excuses.

Since excuses basically suck, maybe you should instead check out sites like;

Australian Running Calendar – https://www.runningcalendar.com.au/calendar/
regular local events like Park Run – http://www.parkrun.com.au
training groups that connect all levels of runner – like Run Melbourne – http://www.runmelbourne.com.au/training/training-club/
RunningGroups.com.au – http://runninggroups.com.au/
Summit Sisters – http://www.summitsisters.com.au
Running Divas – http://www.runningdivas.com.au
CanToo – https://www.cantoo.org.au

and even the running stores who put on their own regular weekly runs – like The Running Company and InTraining.

Info’s a handy thing but you still need motivation?
Here are 5 reasons why you should turn that TV off, kill this internet, and go prep for your next local fun run.


Exactly that! Incremental goals help you achieve bigger things. Your local 5km will help you get physically and mentally prepped for the City2Surf. The City2Surf will get you into the mindset you need for your half-marathon PB. You can’t cram for a race, and nothing prepares you like preparation!

The more runners you know, the more running you do. Practically speaking, running with other runners – whether beginning or more experienced – is the best way to improve, and improving is fun! The experience of running more at organised events, and having a bigger group of friends to train with will all help you get into the game.


Practice getting it wrong. If you don’t make mistakes, you’ll have a harder time making smarter choices. By preparing a bit differently each time, running a bit differently each time, making some spectacular mistakes (like bonking, bleeding nipples, chafed gooch, blisters and blackened toenails – although we can probably help you with those) you’ll find what works for you.


Running more hurts less. If you go to one race, whether it’s 5km or 50km, it will probably hurt. A lot. No doubt you will wake up the next day feeling sore, but not as sore as you’ll feel the day after that! Welcome to DOMS – Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, also sometimes short for DAMN!! OUCH!!! M%&*#$!!!!! S&#@!!!! Get some rhythm, make it a habit. The more you run, the more you will feel the ache of not running. Then you will officially be A Runner!


If it’s not a button on STRAVA, it didn’t happen. There’s a whole social world around running online, populated by some pretty excellent people. And in the real world, well – if you’re in one of those workplaces where people gather to compare notes on Monday morning, you know what I’m saying. You’ll be way cooler than that guy who bought a Skoda. For real.


Now you’re motivated to hit the road, you’ll want to try some great shoes on to get you moving.

For under $200, check out

Clifton 2 – our ultimate lightweight trainer and highest selling model, an incredibly comfortable and versatile running shoe for everything from 5km to marathon, whether you’re starting out or experienced. Available in MENS & WOMENS.

Challenger ATR – a Clifton with teeth, if off-road and mixed terrain is more your thing. Available in MENS & WOMENS.


For under $250

Bondi 4 – the shoe that started the maximal cushioned running revolution, you’ll realize how much fun running can actually be when you wrap superlight bouncy pillows around your feet. Available in MENS & WOMENS.

Stinson 3/3 ATR – if you need a bit more protection, with a focus on longer shoe life and a bit more room through the midfoot, then the Stinson 3 is your go-to-shoe. Available in MENS & WOMENS. Off-road option with features resembling your favourite 4WD also available. Available in MENS & WOMENS.

Huaka – this shoe is fast. With a lower drop and more responsive ride it won’t offer as much protection as our other models, but for the thrillseeker it is definitely a weapon of choice. Available in MENS & WOMENS.

Constant – when you need dynamic stability, the Constant will resist your efforts to roll in on the run. With the addition of a rubber-blended panel underfoot, it’s a great shoe for the bigger runner or the runner who collapses medially. Available in MENS & WOMENS.


Premium Product

Conquest 2 – underfoot, the Conquest is our most durable model. With a soft cradle for your foot and a firmer ride featuring guidance to keep you running straight and suspension to dampen impact and enhance you run no matter what degree of support you’re used to, this is the top of the line. The 2 fits more snug to the foot, while the 1 offers greater room around the forefoot. Conquest 2 Available in MENS & WOMENS.

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