A Triathlete’s overview of the HOKA ONE ONE range.

If you’re doing a 70.3 or full course IRONMAN, you have likely seen and maybe even tried or raced in HOKA ONE ONE already. But this year we have already released a couple of entirely new Competition models, added significant updates, and we’re going to blow your mind completely with what’s arriving in Australia over the next 3 months.


However you run off the bike, life’s too short – and these races are too long – for uncomfortable feet. Whatever feels best for you probably is best for you, but here’s a general shoe overview.

CLIFTON 5 (available in WIDE, 266g/ 216g): The original CLIFTON (now available as a limited edition rerelease) collected Runner’s World Editor’s Choice in 2014 and put faster feet in HOKA than ever before. Plenty of cushion, very light, low drop with a smooth ride, the CLIFTON is a major reason why HOKA has been the most popular running brand at Kona since 2017. Laura Dennis’ shoe of choice.

MACH 2 (227g/ 187g): Triathlon has classic models that build a following over the years. Ridiculously light, fast draining, high rebound and with a broader midfoot and toebox to accommodate minced feet and still run fast, this race day favourite evolved from the CLAYTON. The familiar flare of the midsole provides a reliable landing with every step, even as the day gets savage and form begins to fade.

EVO REHI (New 2019, 190g/ 164g): This is a live option if you’re looking for a racing flat with some cushion and spring. Simple high tech construction puts a fast draining upper on a single piece midsole, delivering Josh Amberger’s current favourite for 70.3.

CARBON ROCKET (NEW 2019, 219g/ 160g): Fast rolling, durable high rebound rubberized foam, full length carbon with triple weave allowing flexion where the foot craves it. The CARBON ROCKET demands high performance running. Already in 2019 this has been Ellie Salthouse’s preferred weapon for podiums at Geelong and Oceanside, US.

BONDI 6 (available in WIDE, 310g/ 246g): The BONDI 6 is the plushest ride you can strap to your feet. Frequently the choice for maximum impact reduction and a long day out, it’s also an option for fast runners who hit hard, also Grace Thek’s shoe of choice, perfect for 3rd at Geelong 70.3 and a World Championship berth.

ELEVON (297g/ 245g): Think sci-fi BONDI. More suspension than cushion, the ELEVON is also great for runners who normally experience arch irritation or who need zero pressure across the tops of their feet and just want something robust for a variety of racing, training and gym work.

ARAHI 3 (major UPDATE, WIDE available, 272g/ 227g): If you normally identify as an overpronator, this might be your jam. Light and flexible, with most of the Clifton’s ride qualities, the ARAHI 3 has a smooth new platform that manages most runners’ extra stability needs.

GAVIOTA 2 (WIDE available, 301g/ 249g): Still haven’t found what you’re looking for? This must be what you need – essentially a BONDI for major overpronation. The big square toe on the GAVIOTA is well suited for runners with this type of gait and the WIDE option is roomier than a no drafting peloton.

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