HOKA VOICE | JUN 2, 2020 >>note: racism and its impact is both a national and worldwide problem that can be addressed daily, locally, and globally. We have copied this post from our global [...]

Time to Break Free with Samantha Chan

“I started running when I was 12. The coach kept asking me to come back, but my grandmother and my mother kept asking me not to go, because it’s not the girls’ thing – you just stay home and do [...]

Time To Be Awesome with Sam Holness

“I’m a triathlete that just happens to have autism. And I’m going to be awesome.   Most people don’t understand autism. If I can show people that someone with autism can be a successful [...]

Time to See it Our Way with RunGirl

Founded in 2010, RunGirl is a non-profit based in Tokyo City, Japan, consisting of a group of women from different backgrounds who all like to run. Created when its organizers realized there were [...]

Time To Be The Change with Joe Gray

“I know I can be an inspiring example by working hard and winning races, but giving back to the community and the sport that has given me so much is just as important. I want other young black [...]

Triathlete Range Early 2020

Whether you’re a triathlete or roadie already using HOKA or you’re looking to make the switch and want to understand the full range of HOKA road shoes, this video from HOKA ONE ONE Australia [...]

The perfect fit for 6 Foot Track

What is your biggest challenge for training? Is it getting weekly mileage done without feeling completely destroyed? Is it simply that your best shoe for 10km efforts isn’t the best choice for [...]

The ALL NEW SPEEDGOAT 4 is here!

 The highly awarded Speedgoat just keeps getting better. Trail runners will love Speedgoat 4 with its tougher upper, better wraparound fit and even grippier out-sole. From the extended tongue [...]

Introducing the ALL NEW RINCON

Introducing the ultra-light, uber-cushioned speedster! Inspired by the smooth waves of the world-famous Rincon surf spot, this shoe is easily a best-in-class contender. The Rincon packs an [...]