Introducing RMAT

There are key ingredients to every shoe from Hoka OneOne.

  1. Neutral cradle and oversized outsole for STABILITY

  2. Thick, light cushioning for PROTECTION

  3. Rockered midsole for EFFICIENT MOTION


But in 2013, based on a growing volume of runners’ experience and feedback, the inventors and research team at Hoka introduced a new, optional ingredient, something spicy. Its name? RMAT.


What is RMAT and what does it bring to footwear?

Firstly, RMAT (now in its 3rd generation) is a blended rubber EVA. In plain English, the chemists who develop materials used in Hoka running shoes blended the soft super-comfy foam that is in almost every Hoka with traditional rubber to create an innovative new material with a variety of properties.


RMAT maintains many of the comfortable and smooth-riding properties of Hoka’s original foam but also brings useful new properties.

  1. Higher elasticity – RMAT exhibits greater levels of rebound than traditional foams for higher levels of running performance.
  2. Fantastic durability – whether runners go long or hard, RMAT will break in gradually, take a pounding and keep bouncing back.
  3. Supreme grip – it doesn’t just grip, RMAT latches on to angled, wet, uneven surfaces for a fast, reliable ride.


Which road models can I try to feel the benefits of RMAT?

Two road models currently use RMAT with a third using it in a whole new way from early 2015.

The Huaka: The 3rd highest selling Hoka in Europe, the Huaka is the model that fast road runners keep coming back for. If you’re looking for an edge in your half-marathon or marathon, this light, comfortable and responsive high performance road shoe will blow your mind. If you’re chasing a marathon PB in 2015, the Huaka is better than anything you’re trying to run long and fast in right now, we promise you.


Conquest: With its no-sew seamless upper, unique drainage and suspension system, dual layer midsole, and ability to straighten out the most awkwardly pronated gait pattern, the Conquest brings a new industrial strength option to the table. If you need pronation control but thought it always had to feel like a construction team working on your arches, it’s time you tried the Conquest. It’s the 3rd biggest seller for Hoka in America.


Constant: New for 2015, the Constant opens the Hoka universe to a whole new range of foot types. With Hoka’s widest toebox yet, a deep external heel cup for stability and comfort, a burrito-wrap tongue, and strategically placed RMAT, the Constant offers a smooth, resilient, and surprisingly light ride to the wide-footed over-pronator in your running group. Using RMAT’s fast rebound, external design features on the Constant manage over-pronation without the need for uncomfortable internal features. We’re really looking forward to this one.


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