The Immortality Project with Burty Burt

Photo: Anna-Lena Richardson

In the hours before attempting the fastest known time (FKT) for the Great North Walk, Burt “Burty Burt” Kennedy, questioned whether he was truly prepared to run the 248km coastal track between Newcastle and Sydney. This is his story.

How can you be fully prepared for such a challenge? With so many potential variables beyond your control you can never really know what’s about to come.

This year alone has been a show of this for many, how does one prepare to have their lives stopped unexpectedly, losing jobs, having limitations put on social interactions, being forced into isolation, in turn how does one prepare for the mental health battles that are a consequence of this, especially having never faced anything like this before, with the fears of judgement, feeling like they have failed their families, loved ones and friends, how does one prepare for this?

Sometimes you don’t get to have a choice, you don’t get to prepare for what is going to happen next, unfortunately that is just life. All you can do is accept what happens having faith that no storm has ever lasted forever.

Photo: Anna-Lena Richardson

Knowing full well that regardless of the outcome of this FKT attempt there was comfort in knowing I had a collective of people willing to help carry the weight to make sure this project was successful, all I had to do was ask for help.

“The only thing harder than speaking, is not speaking at all” – Burty Burt

The moment you let go of the outcome and let go of what ever weight you still carry and find inner peace can have a huge impact on how everything could possibly play out.

Photo: Warren Rolfe

The Immortality Project completed the Newcastle to Sydney run of the Great North Walk in 48:08:31, which was still many hours off the Fastest Known Time but they took the second fastest time, which is still nothing more then numbers of very little importance, what was important was the reasons why this run took place.

The whole team was so passionate and dedicated to sacrifice time, energy and sleep deal with the situation when things didn’t go to plan, running extra kilometres, with a smile on their faces, all to raise to help awareness for mental health.

It is important to reflect on the deeper purpose of your why, this will always give you the strength to get you through. Never underestimate the importance of connections, these are invaluable, in tough times when the weight gets too much to carry don’t be afraid to ask for help, somethings simply can not be achieved alone.

The Immortality Project proudly supports the Black Dog Institute
If you are able to make a donation, they can be made at:

If you feel you are struggling please contact:
Life Line: 131 114
Beyond Blue: 1300 224 636
1800 Respect: 1800 737 732

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