The perfect fit for 6 Foot Track

What is your biggest challenge for training? Is it getting weekly mileage done without feeling completely destroyed?
Is it simply that your best shoe for 10km efforts isn’t the best choice for 30km longer runs? And on race day will you be focusing on the single track to Cox’s River? Do you need shoes that drain quickly on the climbs after the water crossings? Will you be passing your friends on big descents? Or do you just need to make it to Caves House in one piece?

We’ve made the accompanying table for easy reference.

Find your perfect fit in the latest TRAIL + ATR Shoes.


Runners wanting low profile, lightweight, and more ground feel. A great fast shoe. Generous volume, natural shape on foot. Upper very forgiving. Drains super fast. Balances protection & responsiveness beautifully. Extremely breathable. Sticky grippy outsole. If it’s all about the cushion and you don’t want to feel a thing, pick another model. These feel racy.
Runners who mostly use light road shoes (like Clifton 6) on-road and want a similar ride but with off-road traction. Standard volume and shape. Less volume and give than Torrent. WIDE very popular. WIDE available. A bit more cushion for long descents without feeling spongey. Robust all-terrain outsole ideal on access roads and fire trails. Drains quickly. Trail purists might prefer a dedicated trail outsole, as in Torrent or Speedgoat.
Runners hitting trail for a long time, wanting epic grip matched by epic cushion. Relatively straight fit. Some shallowness through forefoot for technical hold. WIDE gives higher midfoot volume than Torrent. A very smooth ride that takes a lot of impact. Sticky Vibram outsole great for slippery descents. WIDE now available. EVO (Goat 3) available for gram counters and fast draining. More outsole tread means slightly more weight. Standard upper takes about 1500 metres to really run the water out.
Runners who want unbeatable traction with a heap of protection, and dynamic pronation control, in an impossibly light package. Standard volume, but stretchable fabric insert over toebox allows for extra volume. Deep heel cup. EVO Matryx drains insanely fast and breathes fresh on hot days. Grippy Vibram outsole. Fastest drying highly cushioned ride ever. Possibly the world’s best long technical mountain racer. Thicker midsole and deep teeth will feel chunky to some runners, but mostly these just feel impossibly protective for how light and structured they are.
Runners with high volume mid-foot and forefoot wanting a truck tyre to crush the trail before them. Generous forefoot splay. Really deep heel cup and full length cradle for feet shaped like South America. Huge toebox. The thickest midsole. Eats gravel and long runs for breakfast. Committed all-terrain running. You may never feel the ground again. Underperforms on technical single track. Slowest drainage in range.

Yes we do really test updated models for their performance attributes under different conditions. And yes, that is a big water dragon sunning itself in the background.

Blue Mountains Running Company is our retail partner for 6 Foot Track and regularly carry all of these models, which are also available here on our website and through our other stockists at

For 6 Foot, you want something that will be light over a long run, fit your foot well, handle long descents, be comfortable over a period of several hours, drain well, and make the transition from single track to open fire trail smoothly. At the end of the day, the better shape you’re in as you get closer to Caves House, the better a time you’re going to have, literally.

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