Time to Be Seen and Heard with Logan Russell

“From a young age I struggled with body image.

I was larger than a lot of my friends, and built differently, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but when the media is telling you something different, and telling you who you are, and what your worth means, and how your weight relates to that, that’s hard to get past.

Part of finding myself was learning to love my body and love who I am as a person.

I don’t fit into one of the specific size ranges that the retail industry has tried to fit me into.

For a long time, recognizing that my body is acceptable and beautiful just the way it is, that was scary. Because it defied all the rules that had been laid out by everyone else around me, and to step out and say “I’m different, and that’s okay,’ that’s scary.

When I think about facing people who are going to shoot me down, or see me in a negative light, or be unapproving of me, I get fired up, and I am determined to face this head-on and prove to you that I should be here — that my voice should be heard.

I started my blog to inspire women to discover their person style as a means of building self-confidence, and through that confidence understanding how to love yourself and really choose joy and your life.”

To learn more about Logan Russell, watch the video below:


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