It’s time to challenge those
who would tell us anyone can’t,
or shouldn’t, or won’t.

To prove them wrong,
then bring them along for the journey.
It’s Time to Fly™. #timetofly

Time to Break Free with Samantha Chan

“I started running when I was 12. The coach kept asking me to come back, but my grandmother and my mother kept asking me not to go, because it’s not the girls’ thing – you just stay home and do housework. I thought ‘no, someone appreciates my ability, why don’t you let me go?’ I […]

Time To Be Awesome with Sam Holness

“I’m a triathlete that just happens to have autism. And I’m going to be awesome.   Most people don’t understand autism. If I can show people that someone with autism can be a successful triathlete, then it will motivate people.   Autism is an advantage. I am very focused, and I’m not easily [...]

Time to Be Seen and Heard with Logan Russell

“From a young age I struggled with body image. I was larger than a lot of my friends, and built differently, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but when the media is telling you something different, and telling you who you are, and what your worth means, and how your weight relates to that, that’s [...]

Time to See it Our Way with RunGirl

Founded in 2010, RunGirl is a non-profit based in Tokyo City, Japan, consisting of a group of women from different backgrounds who all like to run. Created when its organizers realized there were no female-centric running events in the region, the group has grown to include multiple volunteer- and [...]


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