Why do you run? Meet six inspiring women and hear their “Why”.

Watch six inspiring women and their extraordinary lives as mothers, artists, athletes. Featuring HOKA Athletes Ce’Aira Brown, Julie Moss and Kellyn Taylor; women’s transcontinental record-holder Sandy Villines; cartoonist and filmmaker Hilary Campbell and HOKA marketing team member and former NAIA All-American runner Theresa Bradford.

Women Who Fly: We Are All

There are women who live their lives without limits.
Who do their own thing and go their own way.

Always running towards what they believe in.
Instead of worrying about what’s expected.

Women who don’t need the world to tell them they’re powerful or capable.
Because they know they are and always have been.

 They do what they want because they can.
And sometimes just because someone told them they couldn’t.

 We are those women, all of us are those women.
And the time to take a leap and soar is now.

 So lace up and get moving.

There are things to do, miles to crush and good times ahead.

It’s Time to FlyTM.

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